'KEX' in Icelandic, is a noun for 'a cookie, a cracker, (Brit. Eng.) a biscuit'.


Our family owned KEX Society has humble beginnings, from when I came up with the recipe back in 2009. Back then, it was a great hit with family and friends, but didn't grow into anything more. 

Fast forward to Christmas 2018, Nic and I had a limited budget for Christmas gifts for our friends, and we wanted to put in some effort to show our love, so I dug out my old cookie recipe and got baking! Our Christmas gift that year was well loved and complimented by our friends, who simply couldn't get enough of our cookies! We were thrilled, but personally I didn't think too much about it. Nic however, made a grand, out of this world suggestion:

'Love, how about you start selling your cookies? You seem to have quite a lot of people asking about it on Instagram!'.

I looked at him and said;

'Are you crazy? Who will want to buy my cookies??'

I brushed off his suggestion, but it did linger on my mind. I toyed with the idea and polled my Instagram followers to see if they were interested in purchasing my home-baked cookies. We had an overwhelming response and that gave us the confidence to try selling it from home. We received so many orders when we first opened for Lunar New Year, we were overwhelmed! We decided to continue selling throughout the year as we couldn't keep up with the demand! 

When 2020 arrived, it was a tough year and my freelance work came to a complete halt. Thankfully, we had our little cookie cult following demanding for cookies! That kept us busy during the lock down and helped us through the tough year.

Nic and I decided that now, 2021 is a the time to take our little cookie business to the next level! So we started working on KEX Society, which literally means 'Cookie Society'. With the cookie-lovers, snackers and for anyone else who wants a small sweet treat, which isn't too sweet. 

Our crispy cookies gives you a mouthful of crunchy goodness that will leave you wanting more. We love our sweet treats that are less guilty, but still 100% satisfying. Loved by all generations, we have fans ranging from young kids to grandparents! 

We plan to eventually expand our cookie business, sharing more joy through our bakes! We hope our cookies will bring families and loved ones together for generations to come. 


 With love, warm milk and cookies,

Marie and Nic