We Cran-berry keep chill about our new flavor! Our Christmas-in-a-cookie flavor is now available!

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What Is KEX

What Is KEX

Kex in Icelandic translates to 'Cookies', hence we are the Cookie Society! We aim to bring crispy cookie treats to all generations, young and old!

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How We Started

How We Started

We decided that it's time to let everyone be able to enjoy our decade old cookie recipe that has been loved by friends and family. Click on the button below to read more about our story!

Our Heritage
Ways To Enjoy KEX

Ways To Enjoy KEX

Our cookies can be enjoyed in many ways! You can enjoy them as is, with your coffee, dipped in milk or crushed and sprinkled over your yoghurt or ice cream. The possibilities are endless! Share with us how you love to enjoy them by tagging us on Instagram @kexsociety !

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